Monday, May 23, 2016

Poly Waffle's journal. : The day I was born into a human-being..

Poly Waffle's journal. : The day I was born into a human-being..: Well, now it's official.... I've been living on planet Earth for more then a quarter century...Quarter of  my life. But guess wha...

The day I was born into a human-being..

Well, now it's official.... I've beenliving on planet Earth for more then a quarter century...Quarter of  my life. But guess what? I don't feelanything special about it today...

If Someone asked me two years ago...oh..But Today is Today....Today is Now... And Now I'm 26 years old. Who am I? A year ago I would say: a singleEnglish teacher, living in Israel, bio-energy practitioner,healer...blah-blah-blah.... All of these identifications...

But now.. Who am I Now? I am a human being. What do I do here? I live. I feel. I breath...I'm writing this post right now. I love.

I am HERE. With all the consequences. Forsome of you it won't make sense. "What the hell is she talking about? She always was a weirdo.." Heh....I'm talking about life. About the day I (atleast the part we're used to call "I, me, myself" came into itsphysical existence).

B-days...What are they about? lots of food. Too much. Hustle and bustle. Cooking. Worrying tofinish the cleaning by the time first guest show up...All the same wishes. Health, Happiness, Love... Words which loose their meaning in millions of same-looking postcards...

Expectations, presents, hugs and kisses and dirty dishes at the end of the party... The only good part about is probably family-get-together...

The ego day... You're at the center of everyone's attention...or (try to delete the date of ur b-day on FB)...Abandoned, neglected, ignored... your ego is weeping in the room corner....

This tradition has been kept up forcenturies... But what is it really about? Why the HELL we need this SPECIALdate to hear all those words of "I wish all the best" or "Welove you" or "Keep on going this way" or "Let love be withyou"....

Maybe We don't do it enough? Don't checkhow the other is doing, being too much involved in our ego-games and stories... Why do we need the others then? To supportthe ego? To love us? 

Should we start maybe with lovingourselves? Then the words of love to your neighbor, friend, relative will slipoff your mouth easier, softer and perhaps it will happen more frequently. Do we really need this Special Day to saythe words of love? To cherish, to thank for WHAT IS. For what you are....and aren't.

Today I would love to wish to all of US,Human Beings:Letour nearest and dearest be always there to support us, to share all of the Happiness and Sadness and whatever comes our way.Letus hear the words of gratefulness for the fact that we ARE. We exist... 

Letlove never leave our heart and let joy be our every day guest... From all my heart, let our way be thejoyful one, and the meaningful one.... Addressed to my dear non-self and all theliving creatures. 

Let every day your New Birth-NOW-moment..with great love...24/05/2016 Mitzpe Ramon

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tsfat and Nahal Amud. Eastern fairy - tale.

It was the 1st of February when we headed toward Safed along the Israel National Trail. Almonds just began to bloom..... A beautiful sunny day....... It took us 3 hours to reach the highway and then we hitch hiked towards Safed. The whole trip was rather meditative... Beautiful landscapes. We started off at Nahal Amud. Here is the photo - story. It says everything by itself. 

                      The view down on mango orchard from kibbutz Hokuk. (Western Galil)

                                                           amazing Mother Nature....

                                                               breathtaking, isn't it?

                                        The trail is leading through the construction tunnel....

                                                            And we're in Safed..

5 minutes before the prayer....."What's new on fb?"

Sunset on the roof.....

street art...

Thanks to Benedikt Schramm for an amazing company!
It was a nice trip, If you want to learn about Safed - visit the web-page.

Last days in Galilee. (Русский/English)

 What a magnificent day today! I woke up to bird warbles being all by myself in a big house of my dreams overlooking green valleys and the Sea of Galilee .
Walking the dogs along quiet deserted streets of the kibbutz lit by the rays of the rising sun, I breathed in the Calm, the Domestic, the Cosiness. Passing the construction of a sand-coloured brand-new clay house decorated with turquoise frames and ceramic pieces I realized the craving buried deep down in my essence.... 

                                            the view from my front window

"Pale lime goes well indeed with mauve", - I thought to myself, playing "My favourite things" on an old shabby piano.

Breakfast cooking (fried tofu with  vegan salad and pancakes spread with basil pesto (didn't fit in the picture)) was arranged by Frank Sinatra and THAT special atmosphere .... Bright sun flavored my lemon-ginger tea with joy.

It was then when it happened.... a clear understanding of eagerness.... to Root Down. The inspiration started painting in oils..... A small sand-coloured house with an orchard full of mangos, tangerines and guavas. A stripy hammock with a wooden table beside and a palm leaf canopy above. A fireplace with a warm rug resting in front; wooden floors, window sills heaped up with pillows; handmade pottery, and a spiral staircase leading to the attic exposing the stars .....

I crave for air filled with Indian incense and aromas of warm freshly baked bread and Joy !!! I want it to be illuminated with my kids' laughter, the warmth of the fireplace and the light of Our Awareness, I want to live in a conscious environment among bright, pure spirited creatures ... To create the reality together in "Rainbow country" somewhere in distant Australia, fabulous New Zealand or the Fiji Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

I want to open a school of spiritual development, where the children will be taught the basics of psychology, contact improvisation and permaculture. They will cognize awareness, love, compassion; they will learn to interact with nature, others and themselves. I'm eager to help them overcome the darkness, to go beyond body, mind and ego, to overcome the sufferings. I'm eager to introduce them life - full, joyful, birth-giving, clear, beautiful ......

It's not a dream, it is a plan indeed. In case you presume that we're acolytes, you're very welcome to join:) "Lets come together....oh.yeah....mmmm..".Yeah, what I was talking about?
 P.S. (irony intended) In case you are a Mature man, ready to share the way described above... if you're willing to create this kind of reality in shared awareness, you can find me around.... on planet Earth.

                                                    Tomorrow is the first day of spring......

Сегодня замечательный день. Я проснулась под пение птиц в киббуце, одна, в большом доме моей мечты с видом на озеро Кинерет  и зеленые долины южной Галлилеи. 

С утра на прогулке с собаками по тихим пустынным улицам, залитым лучами восходящего солнца, я вдыхала Спокойствие, Домашнесть, Уют. Наблюдала за строительством нового глиняного домика цвета песчаных дюн с рамами морской волны и керамическими украшениями по периметру косяков. 

Нежно-салатовый  хорошо сочетается с розовато-лиловым, подумала я, разучивая на старом потертом пианино "My favourite things".

Приготовление завтрака (свежих фруктов и веганских овощных оладьев с песто) прошло под Фрэнка Синатру....Яркое солнце приправило радостью мой лимонно-имбирный чай. 

И тут оно пришло.... отчетливое понимание внутреннего желания....Желания корней.
Я хочу свой маленький домик песочного цвета с фруктовым садом манго, гуявы и мандарин на заднем дворе. Я хочу гамак и деревянный столик и навес из пальмовых листьев, и камин с теплым ковриком перед ним; деревянный пол, подоконник застреленный подушками, глиняную посуду ручной работы, и винтовую лестницу ведущую на  чердак с видом на звезды.....

Я хочу чтобы в домике пахло индийскими благовониями, теплом свежеиспеченного хлеба и Радостью!!! Хочу, чтобы там было светло от смеха моих детей, зажженного камина и света Нашей осознанности, Хочу жить в окружении осознанных, светлых, чистых духом созданий... И создавать реальность вместе с единомышленниками где-нибудь в Радужной Стране в далекой Австралии, сказочной Новой Зеландии или на островах Фиджи в Тихом океане,

Хочу открыть школу духовного развития, чтобы учить детей азам психологии, контактной импровизации, осознанности, любви, сострадания; основам взаимодействия с природой, окружающими и самими собой. Хочу помочь им преодолеть тьму, выйти за границы тела, ума, эго, за границы страдания.Хочу научить их жизни - полной, радостной, животворящей, светлой, прекрасной......

И это не мечта, это план. Потому, если вы считаете что нам с вами по пути, милости прошу:)Вместе веселей!

Пи.эс. (c определенной долей иронии) А если вы  зрелый мужчина, готовый разделить со мной вышеописанный путь, Если ты готов творить эту зеркальную реальность в совместной осознанности, меня можно найти здесь. На просторах планеты Земля.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Swept away....with Acre's fairy tale.

It's winter in Israel.

Time to crawl under a warm blanket with a cup of herbal dessert tea....Time to cuddle in front of a warm fire place with your soul mate. Time to dance to the fire melody on hand-made wooden floor....And listen to mild jazzy tunes... Time to be filled with love and to grant this love to those in need of healing energy .

It's time to cook a healthy revitalizing dinner and to  have it with your beloved ones.... Smiles, laughter, affectionate touches, ticklish feet up in the air; burning incense spreading strong Indian spices aroma. Bright colorful garments fill the room with joy and anticipation of the "One thousand and one nights" fairy-tale.  

But in fact I'm all by myself among green valleys and cheerful birds' songs... and that's a part of my path. My little temple (hand-decorated hostel caravan)  is a deserted piece of craft-work. It feels good listening to the wind howling in the window of a well- heated room. With thoughts died down, meditative state is about to help me dive into my higher Divine-self....

And it sends me on the road again. And here I am...wandering the streets of the most oriental cities in Israel. I'm in Acre.

 The sea looks rigorous and powerful....

A cosy front yard in the new city....

100% of population who live in the old city are of Arabic origin. That's why 80 % of the signs are written in Arabic ligature.

Bahai's temple.

 Wow.... These splashes were vigorous....

Acre is one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in the world.,_Israel

To learn about sightseeing:

Fruit fast. Enjoying freshly squeezed pomegranate juice served in a "horny" glass.

Front yard:)

"Captain, we're ready to land!!". Special thank you to my rainbow brother  Ben for accompanying me on my journey!

"Three,two,one......Oh, man.....:)"

This temple gate is leading to a residential house.

That's the court yard!!

This amazing tree spreads around by throwing roots out of the branches down to the soil to create a new stem.... Isn't it smart?

Well.... I hope you had fun enjoying the pictures and planning your next trip to Acre, as it's an amazing place to see!!

And see you Caesarea!!