Friday, February 13, 2015

Swept away....with Acre's fairy tale.

It's winter in Israel.

Time to crawl under a warm blanket with a cup of herbal dessert tea....Time to cuddle in front of a warm fire place with your soul mate. Time to dance to the fire melody on hand-made wooden floor....And listen to mild jazzy tunes... Time to be filled with love and to grant this love to those in need of healing energy .

It's time to cook a healthy revitalizing dinner and to  have it with your beloved ones.... Smiles, laughter, affectionate touches, ticklish feet up in the air; burning incense spreading strong Indian spices aroma. Bright colorful garments fill the room with joy and anticipation of the "One thousand and one nights" fairy-tale.  

But in fact I'm all by myself among green valleys and cheerful birds' songs... and that's a part of my path. My little temple (hand-decorated hostel caravan)  is a deserted piece of craft-work. It feels good listening to the wind howling in the window of a well- heated room. With thoughts died down, meditative state is about to help me dive into my higher Divine-self....

And it sends me on the road again. And here I am...wandering the streets of the most oriental cities in Israel. I'm in Acre.

 The sea looks rigorous and powerful....

A cosy front yard in the new city....

100% of population who live in the old city are of Arabic origin. That's why 80 % of the signs are written in Arabic ligature.

Bahai's temple.

 Wow.... These splashes were vigorous....

Acre is one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in the world.,_Israel

To learn about sightseeing:

Fruit fast. Enjoying freshly squeezed pomegranate juice served in a "horny" glass.

Front yard:)

"Captain, we're ready to land!!". Special thank you to my rainbow brother  Ben for accompanying me on my journey!

"Three,two,one......Oh, man.....:)"

This temple gate is leading to a residential house.

That's the court yard!!

This amazing tree spreads around by throwing roots out of the branches down to the soil to create a new stem.... Isn't it smart?

Well.... I hope you had fun enjoying the pictures and planning your next trip to Acre, as it's an amazing place to see!!

And see you Caesarea!!

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