Thursday, January 29, 2015

Starting a new page.... Kibbutz Hokuk in South Gallil

      "A new "down" is a start for a brand-new "up" as well", - I thought to myself, making a decision to leave  my old life, friends, a person I loved, a well-paid job as well as rain, mud and dullness in Russia.
     It's been my dream since 16th b-day. To go on a round-the-world trip. And here I am, in Israel, an English teaching job in a suitcase (another dream of mine), on a life-time journey. 
      Until May 2015 you can find me in a picturesque Kibbutz ( Overlooking the biggest and single lake in Israel, green and fresh, the place besides have an eco-community (a bunch of conscious people, helping each other, teaching yoga, alternative education, eco-building, organic farming, giving birth to kids). Waking up to first sun rays and birds singing their cheerful melodies....Saying "Shalom" (meaning "Hi" as wel as "peace") to everyone I meet on my way to work which I got till the end of May.(Russian economy cut the salary I'm getting from my Russian students twice). Always expect unexpected.....
      Anyways, - a webpage for finding farmers looking for volunteers rocks! With its help I found most beautiful places in Israel, the kibbutz itself and made some amazing friendship and a couple of breathtaking trips. 

This is how Ms. Poly-Waffle-the-English-teacher started new 2015. But it's already another story...about Arabian nights and one colorful underworld....
Meanwhile here are some photos:

Woofing farm in the Negev, near Mitzpe Ramon... The farmer has vines, olive trees and 6 hand-made cabins with amazing pebble floor (for those desert lovers)

                     Young Bedouin worker, at the age of 26 a mom of 4 kids (got married at 16) 

My lovely rainbow sister Beck!! I've learnt so much about love and tru wisdom from her, weeding  veggy patches...

Carob trees (chocolate substitute)

                                             Our tent in the middle of a veggy field.

                                                Shesek (Japanese plum or loquat) in bloom

                                                            Hello, little radish heart:)

      A house of neighbors who went for the weekend and kindly let me stay at their place.

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